This page is a chronicle of my failing to have the teachings of Buddha have even the least impact on my personality.

As a sarcastic, overanalytical  jerk, I am not exactly a natural fit for Buddhism. Buddha tended to stress mindfulness, contemplation, and a holistic view of the world. I tend towards loudmouth opinions, snarky humor, and a distrust of the spiritual. I think you can see the problem.

In Asian restaurants you tend to either see sculptures of the “laughing Buddha” or the “meditative Buddha,” but rarely do you see the “sarcastic, over-analytical Buddha who doesn’t really believe in religion.” There is a good reason for that.

So why bother?

  • Because as an overanalytical, sarcastic jerk, I probably could use a dose of mindfulness and holism.
  • Because despite all the “religion” mumbo-jumbo, the teachings of Buddha are 90% about the hear and now.
  • And because I should be able to drive through a damn stoplight without becoming enraged at the slow driver in front of me talking on his cell phone while the light turns red. Even writing this puts me into a pathetic rage. I would defy the Dalai Lama to sit through two cycles of the stoplight at Broad St. and Passyunk Ave. without pounding on his steering wheel.

So obviously I am not a “natural” and I can’t promise even the least reverance. How can I be essentially “me” (a big sarcastic jerk) and at the same be someone else (profoundly at peace with the world)?

Only time, and a little experience, will tell.